Friday, 22 June 2012


Wearing: Dress H&M, Collar: Kookai, Ring and cuffs: Lovisa, Heels: Novo
Shot by Josh Groom

Ahh the classic LBD. My go to Winter dress that I can layer with anything, including fluffy feather collars!

Think this is now the third fur or feather related clothing item I've shot now. There was this AND thisFur and feathers are huge for Winter right now so I might not be able to help myself posting more. I must admit I do have another feather jacket that I am yet to shoot so who knows! 

Set off against the luscious golds, reds and deep purples of this decadent function room my outfit came alive and I almost felt like a character from 'Bold and the Beautiful' waltzing around her lavish salรดn. Hence my 'notions of fashion, fantasy and flair' this is one of those outfits that definitely evokes flair and if you've been a regular reader of my posts I tend to relate my outfits or clothing items to a moment, a memory, a distant time or a current fantasy for now and the future.. not to say I want to 'grow up' to be a gold digging, power hungry, husband stealing, 5 time bride who finds out her lover is her Dad or anything ;)




  1. Love the lost, keep up the good work!

  2. Absolutely stunning! I love how you took a plain H&M dress and made it something spectacular! :)

    sorelle in style

  3. Great photos ! Personally, I'm really impressed! You look amazing!

  4. Your blog is fantastic! Love this dress. We found you on IFB, now following xx


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