Sunday, 20 May 2012

warm and fuzzy

Wearing- Coat: Kiss Fashion, Pants: Sportsgirl, Heels and Bag: NineWest
Shot by Josh Groom

I love my feathery soft coat, as you can see its not very flattering on camera but I don't love it any less its so cosy and its light enough to wear in fine weather. Staying true ti to fuzzy theme it was only fitting that I team it with this soft little purple ferret.

I've never been a match your shoes and bag kind of girl but these gorgeous shades of purple from NineWest was too alluring to ignore! Who knows with this irresistible current season of modest, lady like chic I may just go there more often now!

Shot amongst crunchy, fallen Autumn leaves and winding branches this look sums up how I dress during this transeasonal period where its sunny and warm one minute and gloomy and windy the next: Layers, texture, colour and comfort!



Sunday, 13 May 2012

paradise bush

Wearing- Top: Vintage, Skirt: TopShop, rings: stole from my sister / gifts and market stalls
Shot by: My Dad

People look at me weird or think I'm exaggerating when I say I live in the bush. Well here's the proof! My Dad recently purchased a new camera, he wanted to test it out and I've wanted to shoot this bird of paradise skirt in a beautiful afternoons sunlight for ages! I still live at home with my family and since this little blog I have never thought to shoot right in my front yard. This bush has many memories of cricket, hand ball, hide n seek, bike rides and pretending to be stone cutters...

Keeping with the nature theme I went sans footwear and makeup. Pretty scary looking at all the photos afterwards, Dad is obsessed with taking close ups! I don't think I've shot with him since I was about 14 when I needed photos for a handful of meetings to try and sign with a modelling agency. Those photos are good and buried probably inside a sunflower and dolphin adorned photo album that will never see the light of day. They were shot right in this very spot with a gangly and awkward me wearing a padded bra trying to look like a woman and having no idea how to pose - and a father trying to direct a stubborn, moody teenager!

Ten years later not much has changed still stubborn, still a bit moody and still gangly BUT you won't catch me trying to pad out my bra no more! As I've grown and matured I have learnt to be confident and be happy with what you were given :)

So how did team Father and Daughter do?!



Saturday, 5 May 2012

Fashion Palette SS12

'Arthur Galan' always synonymous for his precision tailoring and superior fabrics for men and women, his collection was a stand out on the day. Sexy, bold and strong I loved the use of fur and varying textures of leather, wool, feathers, velvet AND silk. 

'Jayson Brunsdon' in true classic form his collection has once again brought worldly class, femininity, simplicity all complete with demure necklines, delicate buttons, belts and finishes.

HAD to give this dress its moment!

'Sistar Shoes' bling, spikes, rhinestones, pearls, gems, glitter, sparkle! Whoever said less is more was a fool! These show stopping heels were killer!

'My Wild Love' tribal Indian, Bohemium-esque inspired. Models were adorned in indian face paint, feathers and 70's hippy hair. My Wild Love heavily featured a beautiful combination of suede, sheer layers, fringing and crochet overlays.

'Anaessia' dreamy dramatics. I loved the delicate fabrics, billowing silhouettes and intricate, super sweet detail in the lace, embroidery and applique flowers. Fit for any Prima Ballerina!

'Isle Couture' boasted bright gradient shades of canary yellow, magenta and turquoise. With a universal appeal Isle Couture brought a vibrant energy of colour, sensuality and fluidity to the show. I loved the minute details like the exposed shoulders, collar bones and waist lines whilst still remaining modest giving the collection a harder edge alongside the overall delicate and feminine feel.

'Lily Hart' bold, playful and adventurous Lily Hart's prints and use of contrasting colours was just divine. True statement wardrobe staples, pieces from this collection will remain stand out pieces to treasure for years to come. I love the fluro accents it brought so much fun and quirkiness to the looks! I basically want every one of these outfits.

..and lil ol' me :)

Wearing: AD Dress, Kookai clutch, Zara Blazer
Good photos by Josh Groom, others off my iphone

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