Thursday, 22 November 2012

jacaranda trees

Wearing - Shirt: The Eleventh Hour, Pants: Ellison, Heels: Kookai
Photos By: Demi Brooker

Did I mention that I love floral print? Pretty sure you would know by now! Especially paired with my iridescent white shirt. Don’t think the camera quite picks it up but it’s a great feminine fun twist on a tailored white button down.

The purples and greys perfectly complements Spring’s Jacaranda trees. These delicate blossoms literally covered every car and was flooded in this Surry Hills back alley. A dream shot of mine was to create a shower of flowers as they descend defocused in the background. Many attempts of poking and prodding the branches took place with a failed result of a few measly flowers falling out. But hey we tried, I’m sure plenty more opportunities of creating a dream scenic moment will come up, flowers and floral print included.




  1. That dream shot would be amazing but this was pretty awesome anyway! You look great and I love that you match the trees!

    1. Thanks Caroline! Was a total fluke that I matched xx

  2. So pretty! My street is lined with them too but unfortunately it's a wide lane, main road and it's impossible to stop and get a picture :( They are my favourite thing about Spring (apart from the hay fever they cause!)

    1. Oh and they soon turn brown and stick to your heels!!

  3. Wow great style and blog!Would you like to follow eachother?



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