Thursday, 23 May 2013


Wearing - Blazer: Aelkemi, Shirt: Caslazur, Skirt: Quirky Circus, Heels: The Mode Collective
Photos By: Josh Groom

It's felt like a while since I've posted a light and bright outfit... feeling a bit sad looking at these shots that are only a week old and now as I write this I am now covered head to toe with many layers to fight the cold and rain!

Every girl should own that beautifully tailored and classic white silk blouse, not only will you be chic all year round it will literally go with everything. I loved skirt when I first came across it especially its vintage inspired doiley lace overlay - it is just too cute reminds me of my Nan's favourite table setting.

Until my next post hopefully it stops raining so I can shoot my next look tomorrow. Expect for the Winter curve styles to hit; knits, leather, studs and feminine silhouettes.




  1. So true about a good white blouse - it can literally change your wardrobe! Love how you've styled yours with that beautiful skirt! :)

    sorelle in style

  2. Seriously, your hair is exactly what I want. My balayage at the moment has copper tones, but yours is lush! Amazing style hun!

    Come stop by one day, id love to follow each other

    1. Hi Tahnee! I'm afraid this hair is good old fashioned lazy girl re-growth! I died my hair a couple shades lighter about 18 months ago and haven't touched it since!! Its lightened further naturally over the last year though. But thank you so much and I will definitely check your blog out :)

  3. so cute! that skirt is amazing! they colour looks gorgeous on you and works really well with the crisp white blouse!

  4. You look beautiful! I really like your style!

  5. As always beautiful. I love your blog and your looks. You're so pretty. This dress is wonderful, I would have wanted this to be.

  6. i love fashion thing,and i want to have this fashion dress!

  7. Your dress is really beautiful.
    i wish i could have one.

  8. Find your blog so great, pretty pictures and beautiful colors.

  9. Hello, i'm very glad to see your fashion and prom style. This outfits are incredible and fantastic. I love it very much.
    mehndi dresses

  10. This dress is pretty classy and it looks great on you!


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