Sunday, 20 May 2012

warm and fuzzy

Wearing- Coat: Kiss Fashion, Pants: Sportsgirl, Heels and Bag: NineWest
Shot by Josh Groom

I love my feathery soft coat, as you can see its not very flattering on camera but I don't love it any less its so cosy and its light enough to wear in fine weather. Staying true ti to fuzzy theme it was only fitting that I team it with this soft little purple ferret.

I've never been a match your shoes and bag kind of girl but these gorgeous shades of purple from NineWest was too alluring to ignore! Who knows with this irresistible current season of modest, lady like chic I may just go there more often now!

Shot amongst crunchy, fallen Autumn leaves and winding branches this look sums up how I dress during this transeasonal period where its sunny and warm one minute and gloomy and windy the next: Layers, texture, colour and comfort!




  1. These are such gorgeous shots! I love that jacket - I picked up something very similar at Zara! I totally love that you paired it with that bag - the mix of colors is perfection! :)

    sorelle in style

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  3. Great photos, your blog is very nice, and you have a lovely sense of style!


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