Sunday, 13 May 2012

paradise bush

Wearing- Top: Vintage, Skirt: TopShop, rings: stole from my sister / gifts and market stalls
Shot by: My Dad

People look at me weird or think I'm exaggerating when I say I live in the bush. Well here's the proof! My Dad recently purchased a new camera, he wanted to test it out and I've wanted to shoot this bird of paradise skirt in a beautiful afternoons sunlight for ages! I still live at home with my family and since this little blog I have never thought to shoot right in my front yard. This bush has many memories of cricket, hand ball, hide n seek, bike rides and pretending to be stone cutters...

Keeping with the nature theme I went sans footwear and makeup. Pretty scary looking at all the photos afterwards, Dad is obsessed with taking close ups! I don't think I've shot with him since I was about 14 when I needed photos for a handful of meetings to try and sign with a modelling agency. Those photos are good and buried probably inside a sunflower and dolphin adorned photo album that will never see the light of day. They were shot right in this very spot with a gangly and awkward me wearing a padded bra trying to look like a woman and having no idea how to pose - and a father trying to direct a stubborn, moody teenager!

Ten years later not much has changed still stubborn, still a bit moody and still gangly BUT you won't catch me trying to pad out my bra no more! As I've grown and matured I have learnt to be confident and be happy with what you were given :)

So how did team Father and Daughter do?!




  1. I`m so jealous ! Everything looks so good on you!

  2. You guys did a wonderful job! These shots are gorgeous! I love that skirt - I would've thought it was palazzo pants for sure! And it's fab with a cropped top :)

    sorelle in style

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