Sunday, 19 August 2012

that thing

Wearing- Top: Carven, Pants: Lauren Damelian, Clutch & Heels: Aldo, Necklace and cuff:
8 Other Reasons
Shot by: Josh Groom

It was inevitable for me to shoot another peplum top, I like to think these were especially designed for what I like to call 'curves or curvy impaired' Previous post of peplumness here.

I tend to mix looks by teaming contrasting styles together. So my top is very lady like and demure, whereas my pants are like whoaaa, daring, sheer legs! I love pairing opposing combos together to give your outfit that needed 'thing' or to amp up the edge factor. Items to guarantee edge? Power shoulder blazers, clashing prints, biker boots, a strong featured texture/embellishment or pretty much anything in black leather!

Finishing off the look with a rose gold collar and PVC windowed pumps I'm good to go! It was very windy when we shot this so I could've easily worn black stockings underneath to tone it down a notch, yet enough to still retain that edge factor.

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  1. Love this look! I love teaming contrasting styles together too.


  2. Definitely a daring combination, I love it! That top looks great on you!

    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  3. So well put together and classy. I love it.

    Emma at TwentyOne


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