Tuesday, 11 September 2012

mint point

Wearing- Top: Dotti, Necklace: Kookai, Pants: Thurley, Heels: Peeptoe Shoes
Shot By: Josh Groom

Bet you can't guess what my favourite colour is?! Yeah its written alllll over me. Squealed on the inside when I came across these Thurley pants at my local David Jones. Speaking of squealing, me, once again as those giant waves came crashing behind me.

Was a total fluke styling together the double pleatage (yeah I make up words)! I was going to wear a different top entirely and after digging this out of my wardrobe it was a clear winner to trick the eye and exaggerate the pleat lines lines from top to toe. For those on the shorter side I highly recommend.

With such a stunning, picturesque day it it felt amazing to finally soak up the sun and sea air. Topping it all off with my favourite mint green and a pair of gorgeous light Thurley pants destined for Spring/ Summer can't get any better than that! Well done, we did it we survived Winter! If I could add in the sun's rays, sound effects of the waves, the wind and the squeals I totally would... hmmm scratch that last one




  1. Absolutely love the two tones of mint! Looks so good together! And love the double pleatage ;)



  2. Beautiful!! Those pants are fab!



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