Tuesday, 16 October 2012

bondi breeze

Wearing - Top: Lioness, Shorts: Story by Tang, Hat: Rubi Shoes, Shoes: Aldo
Photos by: Demi Brooker

After shooting at the iconic Bondi Beach I had to stop and remember what a beautiful city I/ we live in! Looking at this gorgeous colour palette and artwork of the strip is truly inspiring. Nothing clears the mind more than the smell and sounds of the beach! Plus Bondi's relaxing atmosphere with everybody out having fun and appreciating the stupendous sun, brilliant blue sky and sea. This is now my second comfortable/ casual outfit in a row and I am hoping you are enjoying it as much as I am!

For those of my subscribers not from Sydney or Australia, here’s a couple shots of the strip for you. I just had to post these for my non Aussie readers, the essence and culture of Bondi is essentially captured within these wildly imaginative legal graffiti artworks.

The hat, I'm obsessed and adore this magenta colour and it does its job of shielding my face from the harsh Aussie sun. I must admit I may have channelled a certain musical idol of mine subconsciously, bet you can’t guess who ;). Oh and the shoes! Can’t get more Bondi Hipster than a pair of loafers, I love the floral print on these. I remember having a very similar canvas pair when I was about 8, and I used to think I was so bad ass wearing it with my overalls! Wearing my favourite shade in these Story by Tang shorts was a no brainer and I haven’t worn a printed tee in ages so I’m happy to continue with many more ‘firsts’ ‘haven’t in ages’ and childhood revivals on this blog! Overall cutesy sorbet shades, prints and florals.. vanilla sweet!




  1. I love this post! It's winter where I am and this makes me long for warm summer days :)
    Thank you for your message on IFB


    xo Ally

  2. What a fun outfit! That graffiti is fantastic! I love graffiti art; There's a park near my house that is bordered by this huge wall and it's covered in amazing graffiti, it's such a great contrast to the green of the park, but they keep painting over it with a boring wall colour. Rubbish!


  3. love the hat. seems like it was a great wheather^^

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  5. Luved the top and shoes! They are awesome:)


  6. Wonderful pictures dear! Love your top :)

  7. What a beautiful place indeed! Totally loving your top, and those shoes are adorable! :)

    sorelle in style

  8. awww!Looking stunning!LOoooove this perfect sweater and those shorts match perfectly with this sweater!


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