Thursday, 7 February 2013

green and gold

Wearing - Dress: Sacha Drake, Necklace: Mettle Fair Trade
Photos By: Josh Groom

In my perfect world there would be no Winter and turning the clocks back one hour was no longer a ‘thing'. So I've been savouring every warm and sunny Summer’s day while it lasts. These were taken at Coogee Beach at around 6.30pm and could not have been a more perfect backdrop for my Summer Maxi. Wearing Sacha Drake Australia as a beach kaftan of sorts instead as I opted to wear a black bikini underneath to bring out its stunning what I am calling ‘electrified tie dye’. Looking back I've coincidentally put together quite a patriotic look of sorts with the green and gold! Wearing Melbourne based Mettle Fair trade gold necklace which I am in love, it surprisingly made me feel powerful with its bold and weighty geometric shape that kind of has a Olympic Gold Medal vibe going on.

Treasuring the splashes of the waves at my feet and sand in my toes as the breeze brought this dress to life. Nothing is more calming and relaxing than frolicking in the beach, perfect way to unwind at the end of the day. I hope you can close your eyes and you are being transported to my little happy moment as you read this!




  1. Wow you look spectacular! The dress, the necklace, the setting...just beautiful!

  2. wow the quality of your photos, the elegance of your outfit, your beauty... so well done!


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