Thursday, 23 May 2013


Wearing - Blazer: Aelkemi, Shirt: Caslazur, Skirt: Quirky Circus, Heels: The Mode Collective
Photos By: Josh Groom

It's felt like a while since I've posted a light and bright outfit... feeling a bit sad looking at these shots that are only a week old and now as I write this I am now covered head to toe with many layers to fight the cold and rain!

Every girl should own that beautifully tailored and classic white silk blouse, not only will you be chic all year round it will literally go with everything. I loved skirt when I first came across it especially its vintage inspired doiley lace overlay - it is just too cute reminds me of my Nan's favourite table setting.

Until my next post hopefully it stops raining so I can shoot my next look tomorrow. Expect for the Winter curve styles to hit; knits, leather, studs and feminine silhouettes.



Monday, 13 May 2013

black and gold

Wearing - Top: Kookai, Skirt: Serpent & The Swan, Sunglasses: Unity Eyewear, Necklace: Lovisa, Bracelet, Luv AJ, Heels: Jessica Simpson (available at Novo Shoes in October)
Photos By: Josh Groom

First regular posting fail for 2013! I've now come to realise the combination of starting a weekend job at the same time as Fashion Week was not the best timing! 

In this busy time of absent blogging I still maintained my regular inspirational gazing through pinterest and instagram and one that caught my eye that the beauty world is again taking inspiration from was the 1950's. Be it strong brows, or contemporary coifs I have enjoyed playing around with my own modern take on the classic and feminine looks that are popping up on the runways around the world. And in this case I accessorised with these killer cat eye shades, these were the perfect statement piece against a somewhat understated outfit. Ok, its not that understated but that's the best word I could come up with that relates to an all black outfit!

I was instantly drawn to each of these pieces for their feminine and playful use of sheer vs solid fabrics. Almost like the mullet, business up top, party at the bottom! Wow, did I really just write that? Anyways wearing hints of sheer for me, was a refreshing approach and a big trend that I will be rocking til next season especially after seeing these glorious pieces at the Serpent and The Swan show at Fashion Week.

So I know I said my glasses were a statement piece, they definitely are but I feel like my eyes are going crossed eyes when I look back at these shots as both the glasses and the shoes are like heeey let me be the stand-out! These are the first pair of Jessica Simpson heels I've worn and I am over the moon with the latest range. So many colours, prints and plenty of interesting takes on the staple pump or wedge shape. In this case these geometrical wooden wedges with a black mirror like structure under the arch really are quite distinct and unlike any wedge I've seen recently, so props to you Jess...

Take your pick, I can't decide which statement is the loudest today! Is there a rule for how many? 



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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

MBFWA 2013 Photo Diary

Photos by me

Went snap happy last week at Fashion Week last week! Thought I'd try a tumblr style post - this is just a selection of my favourite shots and looks. Can you tell that I'm a bit obsessed with detail?



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