Monday, 5 March 2012

DIY Leopard Mani!

So a bit of a Sunday ritual for me is to give myself a fresh mani. I was in a creative mood so I scoured youtube for nail art ideas and came across a bunch of animal print designs.

I finally settled on trying out a fierce leopard print. I LOVE leopard print I own several items featuring the golden spotty feline coat so I can finally add nails to my repertoire of leopardy goodness!

I used a total cheapo $2 nail polish from the chemist for the base. Any gold, coppery shade will work. Mine was quite glittery so I applied 2 coats to get a more solid colour. Use any black or brown (or both!) for the spots. I used shades 'Lunar by Revlon and 'Precious' by 'Ulta 3'

You do not have to be a pro or have a steady hand for this at all! Nor did I need any freaky nail tools to do it! To create the spots dab off all the excess polish so your working with a stingy amount and using the edge of the brush lightly blob in random C shapes. Finish with a top coat and your done!

Now growl and hiss til your hearts content..

Anyone tried a new nail design lately? I'd love to see your manis- your growling, clawing pics are encouraged..

Oh by the way, my rings are initial (my boyfriends, nawww) stackables from Urban Outfitters. 

Until next time!




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