Thursday, 8 March 2012

Raining in style

Wearing- Lace Shirt: Vintage Miss Shop, Shorts: Zara, Boots: Zu, Ring: market stall find Umbrella: Saroff Designs from Dutchee Dutchee Cronulla
Shot by Josh Groom

I think the weather god's are quarrelling.. we had a fine and sunny day yesterday and then out of nowhere it started to pour like crazy! I decided to soldier on and continue with my shoot as scheduled, I'm glad I did as the golden street lights against the wet roads looked so sick! I had my umbrella on hand just in case (as you do in Sydney) and it just so happened to match my outfit!!

This shirt is my mum's which I stole from the back of her wardrobe last year and me and my sister wear it to death! I did have it tucked into my high waisted shorts which still looks really nice but I wanted you to be able to see the patterns of the lace against the pastel pink which is super pretty!

Anybody raided their family's wardrobe of the past to uncover any divine treasures?



PS Still pouring as we speak!


  1. Met some girl the other day at work that went to Dutchee Dutchee, apparently they have really cool accessories!!
    Keep up the post and Sydney's weather has been rather really shocking!!

    P.s ur blog looks awesome!

  2. Yeah they sure do! I tend to go a bit mental every time I go there haha.. Thanks again Christian for your continued kind words really appreciate it :)


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