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Von Follies by Dita Von Teese

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Queen of Burlesque Dita Von Teese launched her "Von Follies" lingerie line exclusive to Target. Von Follies I believe is French for 'Go Crazy'. And the pint sized beauty sure did by gracing our shores in a world first by appearing on the catwalk to showcase her favourite designs at the L'oreal Melboune Fashion Festival.

Known for her 1950's style the modern day pin up girl wore a custom piece amongst the 25 sexy models of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Dita's overt sexuality and personal style was clear in the collection with a strong nod to her love of all things vintage. Sexy black lace dominated but there were feminine whispers of ivory, baby blue and pink.

Accessorised with gorgeous veils, hats, lace eye masks, gloves and capelets - more than half coming from Von Teese's own vintage wardrobe! Overall Von Follies combined sexy femininity, sophistication and sensuality with high waisted briefs, garters and Von Teese's personal favourite the 'over-wire' bra aka the upside down bra which creates the classic rounded silhouette from the 50's. No 50's look is complete without rolled barrel buns, flirty cat eyes and a matte red lip. Models purred and teased the crowd to the beat of Von Teese's favourite big band tracks and original music from her burlesque shows.

"From age 16 I worked in a lingerie store, and I had a very strong interest in the history of underpinnings and how styles changed from decade to decade. Even at age sixteen, I wanted to be a lingerie expert, so I did everything I could to learn about it! I started collecting vintage lingerie at a young age, and my love for it is what lead me to imitate pinup art of the 1940s, and that is what sparked my career as it is now. Even back then, I equated beautiful lingerie with femininity and everyday luxury rather than seduction. Of course, the art of seducing with lingerie is a wonderful thing, and I am quite aware of the effect it has....but first and foremost, a woman should seduce herself by choosing lingerie that is both beautiful and functional that she can wear in her everyday life, and so bringing these things together, along with affordability, is what I aimed to achieve with my lingerie collection."
The collection is available online at the Target website



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  1. If only we all looked like this in her bra's and knickers!

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