Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Simpsons at New York Fashion Week

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images sourced

Futurist, poptastic designer Jeremy Scott featured his loud, acid bright, cartoon beset creations down the runway for his AW12 collection at NY Fashion Week. His avant grade designers featured on Models adorned with candy coloured fuzzy wigs, blue lips and Indian inspired bindis. His designs were definitely stage ready fit for pop stars such as Niki Minaj, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

Scott's collection was a fantasical sea of sparkle and vivacity with spectral rainbows. I LOVED the outrageous childhood paraphernalia with retro cartoons, Disney and The Simpsons references. Definitely not for any wall flowers Jeremy Scott's designs screamed the fun wild energy of a carnival roller coaster ride of candy canes, fairy floss, fluffy soft toys, unicorns and raving glow sticks. I was so excited to see the cartoon influence of the 80's Rainbow Brite unicorn and Bart Simpson splayed over men's and womens sweaters, hot pants and even leg warmers. His aesthetics and colour palletes consisted of candy fluros, crocodile print doc martens, sky high platforms, holographic rainbow pants, multihued faux furs, puffy raincoats, hairy capes, and glittering lycras! I read that he even had scratch and sniff inspired leggings!

Scott's collection once again verified his eccentric and playful panache which injected a welcomed sharp dose of fun to fashion week.

I now want to be the eighth colour in Rainbow Brite's 'Colour Kids' possee. Ahh well wishful thinking... getting a ride with Starlite will have to do!



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