Sunday, 5 February 2012

Welcome to Gemme Sorbet!

It's 2012 and I've finally started the blog that I've been planning for months! Rather than inundate potential followers, I thought it be best that I feed through a regular trickle of my outfit and style snaps,shopping hauls, tips, tricks and anything that catches my eye living in the fashionably fabulous Sydney.

Who am I? I'm a fashion freak just bursting to share all the things that make me smile! I love story telling, creating beautiful pictures and it's hard for me to shut up so hopefully lots of videos on my up and coming YouTube channel.

I hope through sharing this part of my life I will inspire at least one person who stumbles across my blog..

So why not keep me company! Please subscribe and watch this space for regular fashion updates, news, reviews and schmooze! :)



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